Wanting to Grow My Instagram


I’ve been on a little break.  I needed to get my mind straight and really think about the structure for my blog.  I haven’t been getting a good amount of sleep for the past week or so and it messed up my train of thought because it always left me exhausted and unable to process.

Anyways, on to the topic.  I’ve always loved instagram.  I think it’s a great platform to showcase yourself and the things you love whether it’s taking biking photos or posting cute, goofy pictures of your life.  In my defense, photography has always been something I was drawn too.  I’m no professional but if I had the right gear I could be.  Modeling was something I wanted to pursue growing up as well but I was never fit for it because I wasn’t thin or drop dead gorgeous like the media portrayed but now with instagram, there is more of an acceptance towards those who would never even be considered to be a model.  I’m proud of all these beautiful women, thin and thick, for having the confidence to be showing off their bodies and styles for everyone to see.  It takes a lot of guts to put everything out in the open where everyone judges you.

I bring up these things because I want to work on my instagram.  For those who don’t use it or use it for personal purposes only, a lot of work gets put into an instragram account.  I’ve literally researched popular accounts and watched youtube videos on how to create a better looking instagram and how to look better in your own pictures.  Some don’t realize that these famous instagrammers go above and beyond to have a nice account.  The effort you put into your account has a huge effect on the people that follow you.  It’s how you create your fan base.  I need to put in the work because right now, I have no flow in my theme.  It’s so difficult trying to stick to something and get a perflect flow of pictures, especially if you’re life doesn’t even a have perfect flow of things (I’m a mess).

If anyone has any tips or inspiration on how to accomplish this goal, I’m all ears.  I’d love to hear how you accomplished a goal that you’ve struggled with for a long time.  Failures make great victories in the end!


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