Here is a poem written by me.  I wrote it on December 1, 2016. Originally it was for a rap challenge that spread throughout social media like Twitter & Youtube but I didn’t have the courage to participate and so now here I am, posting it. The title says it all honestly. Tell me what you think of it in the comments below.

I’ve been stepped on, pushed aside and forgotten
Struggled with myself, until my mind became rotten
We’re all fighting battles, some may never win
Tried to hide the pain, but they were carried in the wind

Nothing is ever easy, never would have guessed it so
Faking all my smiles and just going with flow
Fell so many times, no one had ever caught me
Constantly alone and awake, my nightmares haunt me

How would you feel, if no one had ever loved you
Told you, you mattered and they’d put no one above you
I’m so far below, barely even a thought
When will you realize that my love just can’t be bought?

I’m in a dark room, empty bottles, empty meanings
Body full of liquor and a heart full of feelings
Where were you when I was all alone crying
I got caught up in the darkness, contemplating living or dying

I’ve always been alone, but even more so lonely
Had no real friends and everyone would just ignore me
My dad was always working, my mom was hardly ever around
My attitude turned sour, my happines never found
It’s been hard, poison eating at my mental state
Only reason I’m still here, God gave me the strength to stay

I wanted to give up. Maybe one too many times
Never felt important, told one too many lies
I’ve been battling myself for many, many years
Tried to be brave and conquer all my fears
It’s so tough and I lose myself a lot
But as a reminder for my heart, I let go and LET GOD.


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