A List of My Favorite Things:


So tonight’s post is a bit different from my recent posts.  It’s another list and this time, it is going to be on some of my favorite things.

  • I absolutely love the color pink. (It’s been my favorite color since forever)

  • My favorite candy is the chocolate Baby Ruths or a good ol’ Snicker

  • My favorite flower would be roses & the lotus.

  • My favorite season of the year is Summer because I was born in June.

  • My favorite holiday is Christmas.

  • My favorite ice cream is either Dutch Chocolate or Pistachio nut.

  • My favoite mythical creature are dragons.

  • My favorite fruit is pineapple!

So far those are all of the favorites I could think of at the moment.  I don’t really have an all time favorite movie or book or even genre of music.  With those things, it really depends on my mood so it’s hard to choose just one thing.

Comment down below if we have some of the same favorites! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 


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