Where Do I See My Life in 5 Years?

I actually want have a child(s) before I turn thirty.  In 5 years, I’ll be twenty five and hopefully I’ll be living a life that is suitable to raise a child.  In all honesty, twenty five isn’t a young age to have a kid.  In my opinion, if you’re mature enough and stable enough to have children then why not? Of course different things come to play like losing your job or not having a place to live because something out of the blue happened, but that’s life.  You think you’re going to get a perfect life after you have a child? Life actually gets a lot harder.

I want to be young when I have kids because I want to make sure that I have enough time in this world to see them grow up.  I just don’t want to take any chances of not being able to be there for my child.  I also want to get married before I’m 30.  Is that weird? If I don’t get married by that time, then I’m sure I’ll get married some day but 30 years old seems like a good age.  Not too old and not too young.  I also don’t believe in marriage before sex.  I have never beleived in it, it’s my opinion and others will do what they want or believe in but I’m not those people.  I wasn’t raised in a religious household, we’re Catholics, but we’re not super religious.  Growing up on an island has sort of had an impact on the way I was raised.  In our culture, before Christianity was brought to the island, we had our own beliefs and our own way of life.

In five years, I hope that I’m doing what I love, I hope I have a nice home and a steady income.  A lot could happen in just a few years and maybe I won’t get what I want because God has other plans for me but until then, this is what I want.  Career wise, I’ve wrote about this one way too much, I don’t know what I want.  I’m still trying to figure that part out but maybe in a year or two, I’ll get it and if I’m still blogging, you all would know.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you 🙂


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