Stay A Little Longer…

Here’s a poem I wrote just this year in January…im mentally & emotionally damaged and I have been for most of my life. Im still trying to piece myself together little by little. This poem, as an example, represents all the struggles & tribulations. Its not always going to be easy in life, especially if, like me, you suffer from depression and anxiety. one of my biggest fears though, is going to a doctor and telling them that I feel extremely depressed only for them to turn around and tell me that im absolutely fine. I dont feel fine, so there has to be something inside of me that just isnt right. So if we’re similar in situations, Im here today and I dont regret it.  

I feel empty and incomplete
full of dread and hate
i feel lost, pushed aside
but i dont cry myself to sleep
no one knows or really cares
i could slip away, just disappear
i try to see the good in things
i try to find a single light
at times i feel like i could make it through
but then my darkness devours me, always by surprise

it whispers words of self doubt
tortures every part of me
chains around my wrists and ankles
and i try so hard to break free
and in the end, im not myself
instead i am my biggest fear
completely lost and alone
empty, incomplete
full of dread and hate
and everyday from dusk till dawn
this darkness just repeats…

Hang in there ❣️ 


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